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Martin-Baker and Airbourne put ejector seats through their paces.

Airbourne Solutions is partnering with Martin-Baker on several bespoke aerial projects, the most recent involving locations in the UK and across the channel in France.

Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd. is a British manufacturer of ejector seats and safety-related equipment for aviation. In fact they are the worlds largest manufacturer of ejector seats and have been saving lives for decades, most recently celebrating over 7,000 lives saved.

They first approached us to assist them with the testing of the parachute system for their Mk16E ejection seat which is now installed in the F-35 Fighter Jet. This involves repeatedly air lifting the parachute system under the helicopter to a specified height, then releasing it so the MB team can record the data as it descends to the ground.

As you can appreciate, this involves a lot of repetitive precision work and attention to detail to ensure that the data collated during the project comes from a consistent set of exercises. The process pretty much involves the whole team and attention to detail is paramount for this project, as it is with any aerial work we carry out.

So how do we go about a project like this?
As with all our bespoke aerial projects we put emphasis on communicating very closely with and fully understanding our customers’ needs and as with many projects of this nature, quite often some of the equipment is created entirely for one purpose. So it is then down to the client, our design engineers and pilots to devise equipment, methods and a protocol to deliver exactly what the client needs to make their research and development a success.

We then set about creating a roadmap to get the solution our clients need, guided by their specifications. This is then shared across the whole team to ensure that we are all on the same page. It is this attention to detail that keeps our clients coming back to us for future developments.