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Helicopter used to make new bridge at historical Tintagel

A new foot bridge is in the process of being constructed at Tintagel in Cornwall – and we are using our helicopters to help this take shape.

The bridge will link the mainland with the island of Tintagel, allowing better access to the beautiful and historic Castle. The English Heritage Castle is allegedly the birth place of King Arthur, and boasts over 200,000 visitors each year.

Airbourne Solutions were contacted by Hields Aviation regarding the project, who were asked to appoint a suitable sub- contractor to undertake the aerial lifting of machinery, equipment, and construction materials. We are now working with the international construction company American Bridge , and Cornwall Council owned Cormac – a local highways, engineering and construction specialist – on the bridge which is due for completion later this year.

The new bridge design was chosen through a competition and the winner was Ney & Partners .

We have been busy with our helicopter on the first part of the bridge installation. Our team of experienced underslung pilots and groundcrew have meant the operation has run smoothly and within budget.

An exciting project, in a stunning part of the country – how lucky are we!

“The standard of airmanship, skill and safety demonstrated by Captain Clark and his crew was exemplary!”
Hields Aviation