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Helicopter Maintenance

A key aspect of any aircraft operations company is the safety of the team and support staff. Our in-house Helicopter maintenance specialists not only maintain our own aircraft but those of our clients.

Helicopter Maintenance

As you may imagine keeping a fleet of Helicopters running is a full time job. We have highly skilled, independent in-house engineers and aircraft mechanics who are able to carry out approved Helicopter maintenance to European Air Safety Agency (EASA) standards. Located at our purpose built EASA PART 145 and PART M approved helicopter maintenance facility our team carry out routine maintenance of all our aircraft and are authorised to repair, maintain and sign off aircraft on completion of our work.


Our extensive database and network of clients allows us to source the right helicopter for your requirements, whether to purchase or hire. Our Helicopter Sales experience is inextricably linked to our inspection services.

If you wish to sell, we can help find the right buyer for you. Our engineers also travel the world to conduct pre-sale and pre-purchase inspections on a vast range of helicopters.


We are often called upon to carry out independent Helicopter inspection work both in the UK and across the world. This includes Aircraft pre-purchase surveys and Condition Inspections for finance companies, which offers peace of mind to prospective buyers and organisations before they put pen to paper. It is always vital to understand the process from both the buyer and the seller perspective and our experienced team provide demonstrable experience in this field both with relatively new Helicopters and older aircraft. Whichever it is we leave no room for misunderstanding between parties.

“Our helicopter contractors showed tremendous skill and commitment”

“Our helicopter contractor showed terrific commitment, and also ingenuity and skill”

Get in touch

If you have a requirement for Helicopter Maintenance, Inspection or Sales why not get in touch with our experienced team.

Some of the types of maintenance and inspection work we carry out:

Environmental Management

  • Flood control / monitoring.
  • Breached banks repaired / temporary dams installed via underslung loads.
  • River and water way patrols.
  • Remote footbridge work.

Industrial and Construction

  • Electricity line safety patrols.
  • Power line construction for wooden pole and steel tower construction.
  • Transportation of heavy materials.
  • Water pipeline construction (concrete and polyurethane).

Film and promotional work

  • Film set construction.
  • Aerial Filming.
  • Advertising support.
  • Air lifting cast in remote locations.
  • Surveys.

Sales and Inspections

  • A division of our EASA Part 145 approved maintenance facility.
  • Qualified engineers.
  • Pre-purchase inspections and recommendations.
  • Global Aircraft Inspections.
  • Aircraft Sourcing.