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Helicopter Solutions

Below are some of the Helicopter Services we offer at Airbourne. We strive to provide the best possible service for our customers, many of whom we have been working for over several decades. Whatever your aerial needs talk to one of our team about your next project.

Aerial Lifting

Aerial Lifting provides the ideal solution when more traditional methods are not possible, such as in remote locations or towns and city centres.

Helicopter aerial crane operations can significantly reduce the timescales and logistics of moving heavy machinery from one location to the next. Our skilled pilots can deliver a diverse range of materials and objects with efficiency and precision.


Aerial Surveys

Aerial Surveys cover quite a large part of our work, from inspection of electricity pylons and lines to supporting local authorities.

We provide a range of options from fault finding, thermal imaging, overhead mapping and more. The advantage of a helicopter in these situations is the equipment and task operatives that can be carried ensuring that all aspects of the survey are covered.


Aerial Fire Fighting

We have provided aerial fire fighting services for decades. Aerial fire fighting provides the ideal solution to fight remote forest or bush fires and deliver firefighters and equipment to the right place quickly and efficiently.

Whilst we are based in the UK our fire fighting services have been deployed  to combat what has become a significant threat to forests and moorland across more arid European locations.


Aerial Spraying

We carry our routine Aerial Spraying in a range of locations. Quite often this is designed to establish a better balance of foliage and growth in many of our beautiful National Parks. This often requires precision spraying to keep bracken and ferns under control. We also provide a crop spraying facility where suitable such as steep or remote landscapes.


Bespoke Solutions

Our Bespoke Helicopter Solutions can be very diverse, from simple rigs for testing safety equipment to providing platforms for stunt men and filming work on movie sets.

Whatever your needs our specialist team will often help to design equipment for the purpose making some solutions truly bespoke.


Helicopter Charter

Helicopter Charter has become a popular service, particularly for special events such as Weddings, Birthdays or Prom Parties. We also provide for businesses looking to add another memorable dimension to corporate events, delivering their customers right to the heart of the action such as motorsport or horse racing events.



As you may imagine keeping a fleet of Helicopters running is a full time job so we have a team of  highly skilled, independent in-house engineers and aircraft mechanics who are able to carry out approved Helicopter maintenance to European Air Safety Agency (EASA) standards. We carry out small repairs to complete overhauls, signed off by our our specialists.


Helicopter Sales

Our extensive database and network allows us to source the right helicopter for your requirements, whether to purchase or hire. Our Helicopter Sales experience is inextricably linked to our inspection services as often clients have maintenance carried out ahead of a sale, meaning we have first hand knowledge of the aircraft and its history to pass on to the new owners.



We are often called upon to carry out independent Helicopter inspection work both across the UK and across the world. In the main this includes Aircraft pre-purchase surveys and Condition Inspections for finance companies, which offers peace of mind to prospective buyers and organisations with detailed information, before they commit to what is a considerable purchase.


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