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Aerial Survey

Our helicopters have been deployed across the UK for a wide range of Aerial Survey operations, providing valuable feedback and data for our clients to evaluate.

Our Helicopters are often employed for use in Aerial Survey. This can range from support for emergency services to thermal imaging and inspection of electricity cables.

With our pilots’ extensive experience, it also allows us to get to areas that may otherwise be difficult to access so inspection of faults and repairs not only can provide detailed analysis but unlike drones we can carry task specific observers to allow those conducting the analysis to have ‘eyes on’ the problem.

We also utilise LiDAR technology allowing us to provide accurate measurements and distance to target data meaning we can measure and record detail on hard to detect surfaces.

LiDARĀ  uses the pulse from a laser to collect measurements which can then be used to create 3D models and maps of objects and environments with a high level f accuracy.

Inspections are often conducted in support of our aerial lifting work where we can inspect and carry out repairs in the same project. We can acquire digital imagery, high resolution video, infra red or thermal imaging for a diverse range of structures and assets to ascertain their status.

“Our helicopter contractor showed tremendous skill and commitment”

“Our helicopter contractor showed terrific commitment, and also ingenuity and skill”

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If you carry out inspections and surveys in remote or difficult to access areas, get in contact with our team today!

Some of the types of aerial survey work we carry out:

Environmental Management

  • Flood control / monitoring.
  • Breached banks repaired / temporary dams installed via underslung loads.
  • River and water way patrols.
  • Remote footbridge work.

Industrial and Construction

  • Electricity line safety patrols.
  • Power line construction for wooden pole and steel tower construction.
  • Transportation of heavy materials
  • Water pipeline construction (concrete and polyurethane).

Film and promotional work

  • Film set construction
  • Aerial Filming
  • Advertising support
  • Air lifting cast in remote locations
  • Surveys

Sales and Inspections

  • A division of our EASA Part 145 approved maintenance facility
  • Qualified engineers
  • Pre-purchase inspections and recommendations.
  • Global Aircraft Inspections
  • Aircraft Sourcing