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Aerial Lifting Solutions

Our range of single and twin engine helicopters provide Aerial Lifting solutions, carrying various types of loads, with unrivaled precision whatever the site criteria.

Using a helicopter for Aerial Lifting allows fast and easy access to difficult terrain or remote locations, which may be impossible or simply too costly to reach by land. Aerial lifting is faster, and therefore more cost efficient, than conventional lifting methods such as cranes – our method reduces the time, labour, and therefore expenditure, needed on a job.

With our extensive experience, we offer complete accuracy, even in confined or difficult remote locations. From aggregate to pitching stone, concrete to building materials, foot bridges to styles, air conditioning units to swimming pools, we are confident that with our vast range of lifting equipment we can offer you a complete aerial solution.

A qualified member of our team will conduct a site survey prior to carrying out the work, to ensure the most appropriate and cost-effective method and lift site have been chosen, suggest any improvements, and to carry out a full risk assessment.

Who uses Aerial Lifting?

Airbourne are the preferred operator for a wide range of Trusts, National Parks and environmental agencies because of our professional approach to every Aerial Lifting project and our consideration to the environments we are working within.

“Our helicopter contractors showed tremendous skill and commitment”

“Our helicopter contractor showed terrific commitment, and also ingenuity and skill”

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We’d love to hear from you about your next Aerial Lifting project. So why not get in touch and see your ideas take flight.

We are specialists in aerial lifting solutions across the UK

Environmental Management

  • Flood control / monitoring.
  • Breached banks repaired / temporary dams installed via underslung loads.
  • River and water way patrols.
  • Remote footbridge work.

Industrial and Construction

  • Electricity line safety patrols.
  • Power line construction for wooden pole and steel tower construction.
  • Transportation of heavy materials.
  • Water pipeline construction (concrete and polyurethane).

Film and promotional work

  • Film set construction.
  • Aerial Filming.
  • Advertising support.
  • Air lifting cast in remote locations.
  • Surveys.

Sales and Inspections

  • A division of our EASA Part 145 approved maintenance facility.
  • Qualified engineers.
  • Pre-purchase inspections and recommendations.
  • Global Aircraft Inspections.
  • Aircraft Sourcing.