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Aerial Spraying

Our company has been involved in aerial spraying and spreading operations using helicopters for over three decades, meeting and working closely with environmental agencies, land owners and the farming community.

We have aerial spraying equipment and significant expertise to spray cereals, potatoes, bracken, and forestry with any product approved for aerial application. All our pilots and ground crew are NPTC trained and certified.

For many years we have also carried out Byflon spraying for weed control in inaccessible waterways and estuaries. Using a helicopter to carry out this form of application at low tide is a proven effective treatment of previously untouchable areas.

Aerial application allows large areas of steep, rough, or water-logged terrain to be easily treated in a short amount of time.

We have our own spreading and seeding equipment enabling the application of fertiliser, prilled lime, grass and heather seed.

We also have our own fully kitted out vehicles to enable on-site mixing and loading to provide the most efficient aerial spraying solution.

“Our helicopter contractor showed tremendous skill and commitment”

“Our helicopter contractor showed terrific commitment, and also ingenuity and skill”

Get in touch

We have vast experience in Aerial Spraying Solutions both in the UK and Europe, please get in touch about your next project.

Our team are highly experienced in Aerial Spraying:

Environmental Management

  • Flood control / monitoring.
  • Breached banks repaired / temporary dams installed via underslung loads.
  • River and water way patrols.
  • Remote footbridge work.

Industrial and Construction

  • Electricity line safety patrols.
  • Power line construction for wooden pole and steel tower construction.
  • Transportation of heavy materials.
  • Water pipeline construction (concrete and polyurethane).

Film and promotional work

  • Film set construction.
  • Aerial Filming.
  • Advertising support.
  • Air lifting cast in remote locations.
  • Surveys.

Sales and Inspections

  • A division of our EASA Part 145 approved maintenance facility.
  • Qualified engineers.
  • Pre-purchase inspections and recommendations.
  • Global Aircraft Inspections.
  • Aircraft Sourcing.