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Aerial Fire Fighting

We provide fully equipped helicopters, together with highly trained ground crew, for aerial fire fighting in any location within the UK and parts of Europe.

Aerial Fire Fighting is a highly skilled operation requiring pilots and teams to keep their cool in extreme situations. Our skilled aerial fire fighting team have worked across the UK and parts of Europe in support of ground based fire crews and quickly delivering water where necessary.

Using the world-renowned Bambi buckets, we can drop up to 200 gallons of water per lift. To complement this method, a “fire sock” can be easily attached to the bucket to allow a greater dispersion of the water (e.g. a mist) which can be more suitable for grassland fires. Our equipment also includes a Sacksofoam unit which has the capability to provide a blanket of foam to be laid should this be required.

Water can be picked up from the nearest water source, or to improve turnaround time, our portable dunking tank can be used.

We can offer a rapid response aerial fire service, plus 24 hour stand-by cover if required, so you can be confident that additional support is only a phone call away.

“Our helicopter contractor showed tremendous skill and commitment”

“Our helicopter contractor showed terrific commitment, and also ingenuity and skill”

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We have vast experience in Aerial Fire fighting in the UK and Europe, if you would like Airbourne to support your teams, please get in touch.

Our team are highly experienced in Aerial Fire Fighting and Fire Management:

Environmental Management

  • Flood control / monitoring.
  • Breached banks repaired / temporary dams installed via underslung loads.
  • River and water way patrols.
  • Remote footbridge work.

Industrial and Construction

  • Electricity line safety patrols.
  • Power line construction for wooden pole and steel tower construction.
  • Transportation of heavy materials.
  • Water pipeline construction (concrete and polyurethane).

Film and promotional work

  • Film set construction.
  • Aerial Filming.
  • Advertising support.
  • Air lifting cast in remote locations.
  • Surveys.

Sales and Inspections

  • A division of our EASA Part 145 approved maintenance facility
  • Qualified engineers.
  • Pre-purchase inspections and recommendations.
  • Global Aircraft Inspections.
  • Aircraft Sourcing.